Giving Back To Nature


I’m a proud supporter of the charity ‘Trees for life’ and from now on all my clients will have a native Caledonian pine tree planted on their behalf when they place a booking with me. They will also receive a ‘Trees for life’ card containing fascinating information about the tree planted on their behalf and the wildlife that will benefit.


Spend time in a Caledonian pine forest and you can’t fail to notice you’re in a very special place. To me being there just feels ‘right’, like it’s the way forests should be. I’m fascinated by everything within their highly specialised ecosystem and the symbiotic function they perform.



Crested Tit, Crossbill and the enigmatic Capercaillie are for most the glory species of the forest but as we look closer the real beauty of this habitat is everywhere to see.  Mycorrhizal fungi contained within the forest floor are the cornerstone of the unique and beautiful groundcover plants and the fascinating micro world of the wood ant is worthy of a book in its own right.


The Red Squirrel, Pine Marten and Wild Cat are other species found within this very special habitat, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a cause worth supporting, protecting and regenerating.


Thank you for your support,