Mull Otters - Guiding/Workshops 

My family have owned a home on the island of Mull since 1965, ever since I can remember I have loved spending time there. I cherish my childhood memories of the carefree times spent there, searching for wildlife and collecting shells on the beautiful and unspoiled beaches.

As I grew up my attention was drawn towards wildlife photography, I found myself making regular trips to the island to photograph its abundant wildlife. In recent years Mull has been very kind to me and every trip has rewarded me handsomely with some of my most memorable wildlife encounters and images.

To have a close encounter with a wild Otter is a very special moment; to get close enough to capture good images takes stealth and exceptional field craft. To predict the behaviour takes time and experience, of course there is a certain amount of luck involved.

I believe strongly about the ethics of wildlife photography. When photographing Otters my goal is for the Otter to have absolutely no inclining of my presence, this is especially prevalent when photographing a mother with cubs, the last thing I want is to separate a family, I will always air on the side of caution.

If you are planning a trip to Mull I am now offering a guiding service for Otters, the minimum booking is three days but like all species, the greatest rewards are normally when there has been a greater investment in time. I recommend three or more days to increase the possibilities of a ‘special encounter’.

What will you learn?

How to look for Otters.

How to look for tell tail signs of their presence and likely habitats/locations.

The correct approach using tried and tested field craft techniques.

Choosing the best position to photograph them.

Knowing when to back off and leave the Otters alone – Otter welfare.

Using your camera to capture the optimum images, tuition when and when required.

Another option is for me to arrange a bespoke package for you; this can include accommodation and travel from Oban or Inverness. Species available on a bespoke package can also include Sea Eagles, Puffins, Basking Sharks, Hen Harrier, Short Eared Owl, Red Deer plus much more! Please contact me for a unique package for your requirements.  (Some of these species are seasonal)


Otter Guiding/Workshops - A Minimum booking of three days is required. 

1 to 1  £350 per day - 1 to 2 £495 per day

A Non- Refundable deposit of £150 per Day is required at the time of booking.

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 What's included.

Fully attention of the guide.

Travel once on Mull .

Pre-arrival chat and advice on recommended kit.

Support and advice on camera settings (if required).

Field craft training and guidance.

A deep understanding and knowledge of this species gained by many successful trips 'in the field'.

A respect and admiration for these beautiful animals!


What's not included.

Travel to Mull.

Food and beverages.


(Help and advice on accommodation and travel is available upon request)