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These are a list of personally selected external websites which may be of interest to you, just click on the headers to link to the site.


Purist Outdoor Apparel

Keela are my clothing partner. In the inhospitable conditions I work in Keela provide me with all the clothing I need to keep me warm, dry and safe. Whether you are looking for a waterproof jacket, an insulating base layer or lightweight travel trousers; when it comes to performance outdoor clothing, nothing comes close to Keela gear which is why it is tried, tested and I trust it.

If its good enough for professional mountaineers, mountain rescue teams and the special forces, its good enough for me! 



Mountain Weather Information Service

An invaluable weather forecasting website for anyone venturing in to the Scottish mountains. 


R.S.P.B Scotland

Giving Nature a Home

A organisation to which I'm a member of and respect and appreciate their good work.


Trees For Life

Restoring the Caledonian Pine Forests

Anyone booking a day out with me will receive a gift card explaining that I have planted a Caledonian pine tree in their honour as part of my 'Giving back to nature' policy.

These guys have been doing great work in restoring great swathes of native Caledonian pine forests since 1989, the site is full of interesting facts and information.

Why not give or ask for a tree to be dedicated as a anniversary or birthday gift, we asked for some as gifts on our wedding list!


Canon Cameras

Eos for Professionals

For those who demand the very highest standards in image quality, performance and reliability – whatever the conditions demand.