There's no getting away from the fact that to photograph Ptarmigan requires effort, it typically takes about one to two hours of a fairly strenuous walk up the mountainside to where the Ptarmigan live, this varies quite dramatically depending on the weather conditions and of course the fitness levels of the individual/s.

Please contact me if you're concerned about your level of fitness.

The Cairngorms in winter can be a dangerous place, on the day all precautions will be taken to make sure everyone stays safe and comfortable, a trip will only go ahead if the weather forecast and conditions underfoot are suitable, an essential 'kit-list' will be sent to you well in advance of the day.

Once the Ptarmigan are located there are endless opportunities to capture many different styles and types of images, in situ, habitat, portrait, flight etc. Ptarmigan's behavior is dependent on a number of factors, the weather and wind, the time of year and your field craft, respecting the birds welfare is of upmost importance to me so I will always be close by to offer help and advice on the best way to approach them, it's clear to see when the bird/s are relaxed and have accepted you being close by as they carry on as normal and will often completely ignore you, if you're very lucky you may have a encounter with a super-tame bird these birds show little or no sign of fear towards you and will often walk straight towards you, stop and pose for the camera.

Comprehensive Instruction and guidance on how to approach and photograph the birds will be given on the day.

A full day

1 to 1  £275 - 1 to 2 £350 - 1 to 3 £400

A deposit of £75 is required at the time of booking.


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What's included.

Fully attention of the guide.

Pre-arrival chat and advice on recommended kit.

Support and advice on camera settings (if required).

Field craft training and guidance.

A deep understanding and knowledge of this species gained by 100's of hours spent 'in the field'.

A respect and admiration for these beautiful hardy wee birds!


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What's not included.

Transport to and from the location.

Food and beverages.


(Help and advice on accommodation and travel is available upon request)