Andy Howard Nature Photography | The Secret Life of the Mountain Hare

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Among the most captivating of creatures, the mountain hare has inhabited Britain’s upland landscape since the last major ice age. Seasonally white or brown, usually shy and always charming, they can run like the wind. When they are at rest their every gesture and facial movement is endearing. Above all else, mountain hares are survivors, but their presence is also an indicator of a healthy environment where predators and prey live their lives in a constantly shifting balance.

Andy Howard fell in love with mountain hares at first sight and they have, ever since, been at the centre of his successful career as a wildlife photographer. In

The Secret Life of the Mountain Hare he introduces them not only as a species to be held as precious within the great wheel of nature, but also as individuals with their own, delightful personalities.

198 Pages - Hard Back Cover - 9 Sections - Lots of images of beautiful mountain hares plus other species.

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