Mountain Hare

B & W Mountain Hare - CairngormsB & W Mountain Hare - CairngormsThis particular images looks really good as a fine art print or canvas. It was taken on a very cold and snowy day. I've removed/cloned out a boulder on the left hand side of the hare to give the image a much more cleaner feel.

Mountain Hare often live up to their Latin name Lepus timidus most peoples first experience with a Mountain Hare will be of a fluffy white bum disappearing off in to the distance!

Mountain Hare Photography can be at times frustrating but like all things with a bit of effort and perseverance the rewards are there to be had, over the past few years I've been doing most of my Hare photography at one very reliable site, if you think you would enjoy a close encounter of the 'furry kind' I'm now offering a day's guiding at this location. The maximum group size is two people.

Mountain Hare - CairngormsMountain Hare - CairngormsThis is my favourite hare, I've known him for a few years. He is a lot more receptive to many others. Taken from a very low perspective.

I'm a great believer in the philosophy that to be a true nature photographer your chosen subjects should be photographed at all times of the year and in all conditions, so be warned, a day out with the hares is very unlikely to be cancelled due to 'bad weather!'

Your fitness level for the Mountain Hare location doesn't have to be as per the Ptarmigan but you should be able and be prepared to crawl on your hands and knees and to lie on damp and cold ground.

A full day

1 to 1  £275 - 1 to 2 £350

A deposit of £75 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me for discounted winter multi-day deals

Mountain Hare Scratching - CairngormsMountain Hare Scratching - CairngormsIf you look carefully you can see a hair falling in mid-air.


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What's included.

Fully attention of the guide.

Pre-arrival chat and advice on recommended kit.

Support and advice on camera settings (if required).

Field craft training and guidance.

A deep understanding and knowledge of this species gained by 100's of hours spent 'in the field'.

A passion and love of Mountain Hares!


Click here for a FREE PDF check list to help you choose the right equipment for your day out.  


What's not included.

Transport to and from the location.

Food and beverages.


(Help and advice on accommodation and travel is available upon request)


Me with a HareMe with a Hare